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Family research

Over the last year I have been examining the record books from St. Mary's church in Budzyn, Poland. The records cover 1775 through 1904, with many, many, years missing . What records do exist are for the most part illegible, partly do to poor penmanship and partly do to the moist conditions where the original books were kept. It is a wonder at all that with so many wars in the region that there are any records at all.

The town of Budzyn has been full of Ksycki families since records have beenkept, and it appears that the whole town is related to each other in some way. But, with the church books being in such poor shape it is impossible to tell with all certainty who is related to whom and how . In matching child to parent and vise versa I had in some cases to use my best judgment and I am reasonably sure that the outcome is correct. This report contains hundreds of family members, ancestors as well as descendants of Lawrence KSYCKI and Julia KUBACKA and there are bound to be a few errors. The names of over three hundred individuals of Budzyn, related to the family have been omitted because no clear links could be established between them and us other than surname.

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