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Marion G Budzinski

Marion G Budzinski left and his brother Mike right

Marion the first born, was a good student, inherited the the family's aptitude for languages (learned to speak seven before he died. Four fluently, Polish, English, French, and Spanish). He was a completely selfless, compassionate, considerate man. He went to St.Louis University, first in commerce and Finance School. He hated it, then in medical school for 3 1/2 years. Finally, he heeded the call to the priesthood and joined the Jesuit Order. Besides paying for his tuition, working nights at the Post Office, going to school during the day, he helped support his family. Marion had a rich sense of humor, was a strong swimmer, mountain climber and loved handball, he wrote poetry, excelled in story telling. Marion was a Jesuit Missionary in StLouis, Missouri, and also in Central America.*

*taken from my aunt Jean's, Budzinski Family History