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Kolbuszowa Poland

The History of Kolbuszowa Poland

The first mention of Kolbuszowa in historical sources in 1508 described it as a rural settlement. The parish was financed here by the Tarnowski family and erected in 1523. The parish was reduced in size in 1925 with the establishment of a parish at Kupno and again in 1929 when a parish was created at Przedbˇrz. The parish church (All Saints), built in 1750, was originally a baroque structure whose architectural style was altered by later renovations. The church was heavily damaged by fire in 1852. Significant improvements and expansions were made in the 1930's.


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The town and community of Kolbuszowa is located in the northern part of the Rzeszˇw Province. The community consists of the town of Kolbuszowa and 14 villages. Its area of 171 sq. km is inhabited by 24,014 people, including 9,249 people in the town. Kolbuszowa is situated in the Near - Carpathian Depression.............