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Faces from the past 2

Reunion 1937/38
From left to right, front row John Komos,
John Bielicki, Thomas Bielicki
Center row, Thomas Bielicki, unknown
Back row, unkown, James Ryan, Thomas Bielicki,
Dan Mancuso, Tony Stiens.

Joseph Komos' Graduation 1949
Left to right, front row, Julia Billingsley,
Lottie Pienkowski (Ksycki), Mary Bielicke.
Center row, Delores Mancuso, Gertrude Komos (Bielicke)
Agnes Ryan (Bielicke).
Back row, Mary Stiens, Helen Mancuso.

Reunion circa 1938
Front row,Thomas Bielicki and his wife Frances (Olszewski)
Back row, unknown, unknown.

circa March 1938
Front row, Unknown, Thomas Bielicki
Back row, Unknown, Thomas Bielicki

If you can identify any of these unknown persons please write me, Drew Komos, at:

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